Events, events, and more events…

We returned to training in April, albeit under heavy restrictions about contact and distancing. Since restrictions were lifted in July we’ve got back into full-on classes with a bang! We’ve started to introduce new members from the waiting list into our group classes and to run dedicated Beginners sessions. We held a fantastic seminar on  Continue Reading »

Back to normal

It’s been a long road. For everyone. Fingers crossed we will see the final COVID restrictions lifted soon and life will begin to return to some semblance of normality. The various requirements and regulations have hit martial arts schools hard for the last 18 months and many have closed permanently. We have been fortunate. We  Continue Reading »

COVID-19 Update: We will soon be taking new members again – June 2021

As Covid restrictions are lifting we are able to return to training. It’s been a long time since we were able to take new members and train. We will begin integrating new members into our classes from the end of June 2021. We will maintain our cleaning and sanitisation programme at our Nottingham venue in  Continue Reading »

Kettlebells and Krav Maga – what’s the link?

Well they both start with the letter K, are hard (ie, you shouldn’t pick a fight with either) and appear to require a level of skill to master. Yes, indeed these are common attributes of both, but perhaps we should look a little deeper at why this combination of systems are so complementary? Learning When  Continue Reading »

Street Robberies: Giving up your possessions?

You can watch the video here, if you want to (it is VERY graphic, be warned): It shows two criminals getting off a motorbike and attempting to grab the phone from the unsuspecting pedestrian. The pedestrian appears to resist relinquishing his phone and a struggle ensues. The victim flails ineffectually with his free hand to  Continue Reading »

Do you need self-protection training? – (2) Reflections on recent radio interviews

Recently, I was interviewed on a couple of radio shows for the BBC to talk about Krav Maga. Members of Parliament (and their staff) have been offered Krav Maga training in the wake of the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox. Naturally enough, the editors of the shows wanted to do a short piece  Continue Reading »

MPs Krav it up! – (1) Reflections on recent radio interviews

In this post I’m going to concentrate on the first question of how Krav Maga differs from other martial arts. This will also allow some elaboration of what Krav Maga actually is. The term “martial arts” is something of a suitcase term – a kind of catch-all label – that includes sports-based arts such as  Continue Reading »

Reality-based training, anyone?

Neat phrase – but what does it mean? Reality of a night out in the pub? Reality of your business trip to Bogota? Reality of your office day-job and evenings down at the W.I.? To each, their own…… Reality-based training doesn’t mean training for particular contexts. Otherwise, we’d need to train every conceivable scenario to  Continue Reading »

Students! Don’t become a statistic… By Gordon Bunyan

Some things haven’t changed though. The modern dangers of crime and violence are as much a part of student life now as they were 20 years ago. A person living in or around a student residential area will on average be 2.5x more likely to be subjected to violent crime than those in the general  Continue Reading »

Get Aware – by Rob Knowles-McNab

Or when your friends say “did you just see that…?” then need to explain what you have missed (again!)? Well if either of the above does ring true, you’re not alone. It’s more common than not – but if so, you’re perhaps moving around in a state that may walk you head-first into trouble, and  Continue Reading »