Monthly Archives: September 2015

Get Aware – by Rob Knowles-McNab

Written on September 30, 2015

Or when your friends say “did you just see that…?” then need to explain what you have missed (again!)? Well if either of the above does ring true, you’re not alone. It’s more common than not – but if so, you’re perhaps moving around in a state that may walk you head-first into trouble, and  Continue Reading »

Teenage Kicks – by Rob Knowles-McNab

Written on September 11, 2015

Statistically, you’ll never be in as much trouble as when you’re a teenager – and from personal experience, I can confirm those statistics ring true with the younger me (sorry Mum!). During my teens I often found myself in scraps, scrapes and at risk from aggression and harm from others in and around my age  Continue Reading »