Real World Self-Protection skills for 11 to 17 year-olds...

Time: Thursday 19:00-20:00 (term time only)
Venue: The Unit, Lady Bay Bridge, Nottingham.

Class Schedule 2024

First Class of 2024: 22nd February

Dates: Our classes are term-time to coincide with the school calendar!

Spring Term: 22nd Feb – 28th March

Summer Term 1: 18th April – 23rd May

Summer Term 2: 6th June – 25th July

Autumn Term 1: 5th Sept – 17th October

Autumn Term 2: 7th Nov – 19th December

Email Rob to book your places for the term or for more information:

Krav Maga is the modern martial arts phenomenon that is taking the world by storm! It is not just another dull and dreary kick and punch martial art. It is an exciting, energetic, and unique experience. Classes are lively, fun, and addictive!

As a Krav Kadet you will learn practical skills that are realistic; not fancy but useless moves. Enhanced awareness, confidence, and personal protection skills are taught via our unique training and drilling methods.

Krav Maga is a system designed to keep everyone – young, old, male, female – safe from the dangers they may face in the modern world.
Techniques and skills are taught via games, drills, partner work, self-competition, and scenario-based learning. They are easily learned and retained, effectively accessed whilst under stress, and are designed to bring students to a very high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time.

Physical skills are a large part of Krav Kadets, but additionally, ingrained in every class, are lessons on wider tactics and common sense skills for real-world Self Protection suitable to children and teenagers – As a student you will also:

  • Develop confidence and determination to succeed
  • Develop and increase functional Physical Fitness and mental focus
  • Raise personal awareness levels – detect/avoid issue before they start
  • Manage nerves and worries
  • Practice situational Control techniques – learn to diffuse confrontation.

Taught by highly qualified and experienced professional instructors – Krav Kadets provides the best self-defence and personal protection training available in the UK today.


As parents ourselves, we know the worries about the safety of our children in modern society, and we want the best, most sensible, most enjoyable preparation for them to look after themselves and make the most of their lives.

Recent academic studies have proved that Martial Arts training among adolescents provides greater improvements in areas of self-esteem, pro-social behaviour, classroom conduct and academic performance!

In general, martial arts practise has been shown to have positive effects on the wider personality profiles of adolescents.
Krav Kadets is not a Sport, but it is lots of fun – we believe in providing only effective training for realistic situations. Making your child or children Safer, more Confident and more Capable – along with getting fitter, making friends and having fun.

Keep fit. Have fun. Stay safe.