Testimonials Kiddy Krav

We first encountered Hannah’s Kiddy Krav at a school friends birthday party. My not so little boy of 6 is such a gentle soul and is very shy and sometimes holds back in joining in group activities. It’s been hard to watch him miss out on things that I know and can see he really wants to do. After casually mentioning it every few months he decided he wanted to give it a go and we were able to try out a few sessions to make sure that he was comfortable, and it was going to work out. From joining to now, the improvement that we’ve seen is incredible. 

Hannah is great with the Kiddy Kravers and teaches them safety, awareness, alerting others of danger, emergency services and self-defence but it is all through play, games and lots of fun.

My little man loves it and I have his sister waiting in the wings until September when she will be old enough to join.

In the world we now find ourselves living in, where you hear daily of attacks, knife/gun crime and even school bullying, the comfort that I am getting in the life skills that Hannah is teaching our little people is immeasurable and something that I am truly grateful for. Thank you so much Hannah.


January 2019