Testimonials Lincoln

Read about the experience of some of our club members training with us at Krav Maga Lincoln

I joined the school in Lincoln after an attack at work left me injured but worse, I then felt vulnerable and nervous.

We all have that belief that it will never happen to us, but I wasn’t in some dark alley at night, I was in a safe work environment (so I thought).

The only way to regain some control was to learn how to defend myself.  

I didn’t want to learn a “martial art”, or a new “sport”, I wanted to learn practical techniques which would help get me out any situation.

I was fortunate that a friend introduced me to Krav Maga, and it’s given me back the confidence I lost. It’s not a “Fight club”, it’s all about learning quick practical moves and getting away.

It introduces situational awareness, and how to prevent things escalating before they even start. 

Preventative knowledge is the best form of defence.

Our club is a very varied group of different fitness levels, age and build which makes every session interesting and personal.

Both our Instructors are very knowledgeable and make every week enjoyable and fun but always mindful of safety in training.


January 2019

For me, Krav Maga ticks many boxes – an understanding of awareness, improved fitness and confidence and, most importantly, how to react and deal with threats to yourself and others.

The instructors at the Lincoln classes are professional, thorough in their teaching and approachable. There is a great club feel to the group, and every session is enjoyable.

Phil M

February 2019