Testimonials Private training

I took up Krav Maga in January 2017.

Gordon is my private instructor and puts me through my paces, not only do I learn self-defence but also it improves my fitness and awareness of risk prevention.

It’s a fascinating form of Self-defence and I would recommend to anyone, it doesn’t matter what size, age, sex you are, if you want to get fit and learn some great skills in Martial arts this is for you.


Sat Bains.

March 2019

The Krav Maga instructors are highly experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. Having private lessons with Gordon Bunyan has been great for increasing my awareness and learning simple and practical techniques to defend myself.

The sessions are well structured and tailored for the problems that I might face as a small woman.

Gordon has helped me to overcome a lot of challenges and fears about fighting and has taught me about the mechanics of the body and how to generate more power and speed to hit hard as well as understanding vulnerable targets on the body.

Cheryl B

February 2019

My wife and I have a weekly personalised session together with Gordon. Before coming to Krav Maga Nottingham, we would feel relatively unsafe when walking around the city, but now, we feel much more confident.

Gordon started at the very basics and has developed us step by step, in a systematic way, to our present state where we feel that we could confidently and effectively defend ourselves if an unpleasant situation ever happened to arise. We have not only worked on developing effective martial arts skills, but we have also been taught many useful principles such as “never fight over property”, as well as the cardinal purpose for Krav Maga’s existence — “so that one may live in peace”.

Gordon has worked actively with us to tailor the sessions to our skill level, as well as to our cultural needs.

There is always something interesting to learn in each session, and Gordon’s evident mastery of the subject matter helps to develop far faster than we ever thought possible.

It has been a true pleasure to learn from Gordon so far, and we look forward to continuing our training with Krav Maga Nottingham. 

Ziyad Y

February 2019