We have been providing top-level instruction in the Nottingham area since 2005, and have developed other training centres throughout the East Midlands.

At the heart of our training is a commitment to prepare individuals to understand and overcome REAL violence

Few other clubs in the world can match either our experience or expertise in teaching Krav Maga. We have some of the highest qualified instructors in the world – headed by Expert level 2 and Senior IKMF instructor and Continental Instructor Team member David Stevens – as well as some of the highest ranked students in the UK. We also have regular visits from top level Krav Maga experts from Israel, as we are a member club of the International Krav Maga Federation – the largest and best Krav Maga organisation in the world. We regularly send club members to seminars, workshops, and gradings across the whole of the UK, as well as hosting such events at our head-quarters in Nottingham.

What to expect

At the heart of our training is a commitment to understand and prepare individuals to overcome REAL violence, and not to perpetuate unrealistic Hollywood-type depictions of fantasy violence.

There is a common misconception that violence is a symmetrical conflict between two individuals where the “winner” is the one with the better skills, technique, athleticism, or courage, and which operates within a set of rules. This misconception is deeply rooted in certain aspects of our culture and history: practices of duelling, traditional martial arts such as Karate, modern combat sports such as MMA and Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Hollywood movie culture, help perpetuate this myth.

The brutal, ugly reality is FAR from this ideal. Real violence is not something that is done with another person (like duelling or competing), but to another person. It is one person – the predator – destroying another – the prey. Real violence almost always involves multiple, armed assailants. After all, if you had decided you wanted to assault someone, or worse, the most efficient way to do that is as a group and with tools that make you more effective. There is little honour or observance of social rules in this type of violence. Real violence is something that normal people recoil from, not something you want to open a bag of popcorn and a beer and watch on your TV screen.

You will come to see yourself in a different light as you train your mind and body to be independent, self-reliant, and assured.

Our training reflects the realities of this asymmetrical violence. You will learn a skill set, tactics, and mindset that prepares you to deal with larger, stronger, armed assailants; emotional manipulation, adrenal stress, sudden verbal and physical aggression, and other tactics employed by predators and the violent.

We employ a mix of drills, games, scenarios, pressure testing, and repetitions to create, learn, and perfect these skills and to develop the correct mindset to avoid, diffuse, and ultimately overcome attacks.

Our group classes allow you to train in a controlled environment with qualified instruction and supervision. You will be taught various Krav Maga techniques and tactical behaviour from the official IKMF syllabus. The techniques are trained and tested in class to be second-nature, so that you can deploy them in confidence if absolutely necessary.

Krav Maga will empower you to help yourself and your loved ones…

Krav Maga training is fun, friendly, and rewarding. Not only will you gain crucial life skills, you will become part of a group of supportive and like-minded people who love practicing Krav Maga and sharing that enthusiasm with others. Moreover, you’ll get fitter, stronger, and more confident as you progress. These are not just shallow side-benefits, or hollow labels. You will come to see yourself in a different light as you train your mind and body to be independent, self-reliant, and assured.

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