On the 6th October we will be running one of our exclusive FAST Defence seminars.
For those that haven’t experienced FAST Defence before, then do yourself a favour and book yourself a place now!

FAST is an acronym for Fear and Adrenal Stress Training, and is one of the biggest advances in realistic self-protection training ever! Participants learn a spectrum of skills – from awareness and boundary setting, to verbal de-escalation and gross motor physical skills. All are learned, practiced, and tested under conditions of adrenaline. Why? Because, the adrenal dump (that sudden paralysing sensation of fear) is an inevitable part of any violent or confrontational situation. Understanding and dealing with that adrenaline is crucial for accessing any physical or non-physical skill set for dealing with violence. However many years of martial arts training you may have, they are worth nothing if you cannot control the effects of adrenaline sufficiently well to access those skills. FAST teaches you how to do that.

Everything in FAST is simple. It has to be to work under the shock and stress of violence. It has to be immediate, ingrained, and effective under the adrenal shock.

There is nothing quite like a FAST course! Quite rightly it has won awards and accolades within the self-defence industry. It is suitable for complete novice and martial arts master alike. It is amazing fun, and the experience (and skills) will stay with you a lifetime. Put yourself up against the technology of the armoured assailants that is the pinnacle of the FAST training programme.

Because of the nature of the course, places are limited to just SIX participants! This is top quality, small-group training. Book your place on our Events page now! Bring a friend or loved one too – what better gift could you give someone than the confidence to live their life without fear of the threat of violence!

You can watch a video of a course on our Media page for a glimpse of what it’s about.