Train rage seminar - Krav Maga Nottingham

In addition to regular group classes and one-to-one training there is a full calendar of exciting events, seminars, workshops, courses, and other opportunities to train in Krav Maga or to learn more self-protection skills.

Watch a video of a recent Nottingham seminar held on board a train carriage. For those who commute or travel regularly, enclosed environments can create unique points of potential conflict.

Beginner’s Seminar – Friday 6 May 2022

Friday 6 May 2022. 19.00-20.30pm.

Our 90-minute Beginner’s Krav Maga sessions are a great way to ease yourself into regular training classes. In this seminar we cover several key topics that will get you up and running, and ready to start training. These topics include: What is Krav Maga?; Understanding violence; Basic movement and striking skills; Basic defensive skills.

The Beginner’s Seminars are £15 per person, and taught in small groups. They are aimed at beginners (male and female) with no – or minimum – prior experience of martial arts. 18+ years of age only. If you take out club membership then the Seminar fee will be returned as part of your first month’s membership.

Numbers are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.